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We do not have a great amount of resources to undertake grand projects. Instead, we need to focus on projects that give us the most "bang for the buck", projects and missions that will help the most with the least amount of money and labor.

We provide aid to those most in need without regard to the recipient's religion or ethnicity. We do not use our resources to build office buildings, buy real estate, or construct houses of worship - these efforts are already addressed by other organizations in your area.

Andhra: Children in Need!

Orphaned and abandoned children digging in garbage dumps in India are called, “Rag pickers.” They are families forced, by despair and loss of hope, to dig in dumpsters or garbage bins in search of anything that can be scraped up and sold to dealers. We had the wonderful opportunity to help them and bring a purposeful solution to this hopeless situation.

These scavengers can be as little as 7 to 8 years old. Mothers forced to take their babies and toddlers with them while they scavenge. Although we may not know them, we were happy to help by sending funds. No matter what the size of the gift, we know it will help to get them off the streets and hopefully, start a new and better life on their own!

When you give to Serving Our World, you are connected, tying your life with those who are trying so desperately to survive. This simple act of kindness will bring all of us closer to our destiny. Stepping up to be part of the solution is where it all starts.

Housing for Poor!

If you have an idea for a project, please contact us and let us know - we're listening
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Our team of persons already in the relief work and are helping them to our level best in all respects
Organizing awareness programmes on various social issues
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